Sunday, May 12, 2013

All Quiet On The Boeing Front Pre Paris Lull

News has settled into a routine that is no longer keeping one  hounding the press wires about everything from  737-Max to Scram Jet technology. No blended wing bodies or any kind of new item in play. This quiet is because of Paris. All the glad handing troops are loading travel bags, swag bags and laser pointers  into the travel kits. A piece of news just to keep the 747-8 in the discussion is this "Item" about the Cathay Pacific 747-8F . Yes there is that quiet program called Freighter Lines, that went into slumber during the great downturn of world economies. It may reemerge at Paris in the form of 747-8F orders.

Not many seats bolted in on these aircraft or meals served, but money is to be made hauling unglamorous freight around the world.  Boeing was smart to lay up with the 747-8F, which can and will serve the world ably. The companies that have its foot in the Boeing door, won't disappoint with the efficient and modern freighter.  The 747-8F case was made when traffic was down and few takers were in Boeing's sales room. The talking points from Boeing has never stopped since, and economic recovery is awakening global demand. Now is a good time to put a reservation in for this freighter, since the last few years have shown what this aircraft is capable of, and how risks and retirement of newfound issues are laid to rest.

The commercial passenger service model is overshadowed by its huge competitor, the A380.  When that market goes tilt on airport capacity, the 747-8 will be still around, and in production because of that freight card in play.  Boeing could sell another 150 to 350 of this aircraft over the next 10 years.  The next big Boeing Aircraft is just floating in design world for ten more years, aging to perfection as technologies mature and are refined for that design jump.