Wednesday, May 15, 2013

777X Forms A Team

Everything starts at the top, and the top right now is organizing the most effective players with key abilities. The Boeing parts bin is not limited to well, just parts, but actual boots on the floor and generals that win battles. The starting line up is as follows:

Puget Sound Business Journal Source

Feldmann suggested the heat of the competition, and pricing pressures, in the memo.
“Our goal is to deliver the right capability on the right schedule – all tied to customer value,” he wrote. “The reputation of the 777 program and its continued market dominance are at stake.”
From the 787 program is Jess Trostle: Wings, the really the big show!
Overseer of design and procurement of the 777X’s new engines Siamak Masoudi,  who formerly was company lead for all propulsion systems.  This is the second really big show!
From the 737 Max program Feldmann is pulling... 
Paul Weaveras director of supplier management;
Dennis Eng, as director of design and certification of the 777X’s interior; Can I spell commonalities amongst aircraft types. 
Brian Thorpe, who will be responsible for design/build integration, after a similar role with the 737 Max.
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The Feldmann memo is one of the first times Boeing has expressly confirmed there will be two models of the 777X. The smaller 777-8X may be the same size as the current 777-300ER, and will compete directly with the A350-1000. Meanwhile, the 777-9X will be about 50 seats larger, and in a class of its own.
A downside for Boeing will be the degree that the larger 777-9X will undermine the business case for the passenger version of the four-engine 747, because the two models are divided by a capacity difference of only 50 seats.
Boeing has argued that this difference is enough to maintain a competitive market sector, but the company on April 19 slowed 747-8 production from two monthly to 1.75, on slow market demand.
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The starting five are the best for the best effort in critical areas. This signals a serious charging frontal assault at Paris.
Qatar Airways has already signaled an earnest plea for launch customer status and suggests interest in 787- 9's as well. The signal cannot be mistaken, they want launch customer status on the 777X, by Paris. The "t's" haven't been crossed or "i's" dotted, but the champagne has already flowed into fine glasses. Paris should be exciting with the intensity of Al Baker leading the charge.