Friday, March 15, 2013

Post Battery Technology For Dummies Conference

So much more is known about how much is not known and so more is done for the prevention of what the unknown has done, That what we will know is that Boeing has put lightening back in the bottle and will not let it out again.

Boeing has sufficiently built a lightning bottle to house the lightning.

Passengers need to know List:

  • Batteries are not needed to technically fly or land the aircraft.
  • The Boeing 787 has Plans A,B,C,D and E to fly the airplane without batteries. (4 generators and Ram air generator)
  • A Battery Failure will never affect flight characteristic or landing.
  • A battery is used for ground support operations and carried on all aircraft for that purpose
  • The greatest danger for passengers is any fire and smoke on any aircraft

The Boeing Bottle Holding The Lightening:


  • A battery Fire cannot occur inside the Battery enclosure
  • Titanium Use in critical areas where heat is present.
  • Stainless Steel Sealed Case
  • Special insulation between 8 electrical storage cells, prevents heat propagation
  • Special Wiring insulation
  • Special protection top, bottom and sides in the enclosure
  • Special Dielectric Harnesses or frames, layered on cells
  • Inert status by starving battery enclosure of oxygen (no fire, no fuel or oxygen)
  • Electrolyte detection, and venting of heated gases overboard through exhaust tubes

Note: no longer a use of plastics, or flammable parts, as was in prior enclosures. Plastic is  a source of  fuel for fire.

Electrical Tweaking.

  • Battery charger reprogrammed not allowing any voltage anomalies (spikes) to invade the Battery core,  causing shorts within Battery environment.
  • Limits of Charging set on the high end and low end maintaining a more consistent and safe flow of power to and from the battery when charging and discharging occurs.
  • More robust battering testing done at manufacturer, detecting battery faults using tighter standards.       Click on link for full article

Borrowing from Randy's Blog VP Boeing Sales, Randy Tenseth
From Randy's Journal, VP Boeing


Randy's Journal, VP Boeing


Randy's Journal, VP Boeing

New titanium fixtures are being installed in the electronics equipment bays to ensure the housing is properly supported.