Monday, March 18, 2013

More to say On What Was Said On The 787 Fix

On January 22, 2013 I said this:

The Boeing Fix That Is In A Fix   The reference Blog from LifnDrag

Cut and Paste below dotted line
"The March 20th, is my 60 Day Self Imposed Deadline, For

The Fix and Fly
"The When" is now until the next 60 57 days?  Boeing will start flying the 787 within sixty fifty-seven days.  All hands are on deck with Boeing and its suppliers.  Money and time make a bad partner when the clock starts losing money. Suppliers have been served and Boeing engineering is reallocating to deal with this problem, not just over the week-end, but in a 24/7 manner.  Buy stock in Starbucks until this problem is solved. Next year’s Christmas bonuses are being earned at this time.

The press will report how the battery maker in Japan had an in-line production fault.  The people who knew how to put the battery together was on vacation and the replacement crew, who said they knew, hadn't put one together in a while. Where they used old procedures, and did not employ the new procedures, therefore caused the battery to have inherent faults resulting in fire.  That's my report before the findings come out from FAA."
Now 60 days have almost passed and where are the Harold's of Boeing now saying"

Its Weeks now, and how many, are weeks?

So I missed it by 30 days, stone me! Boeing intends to fly ANA at the end of April with the FAA sprinkling of documents over corporate heads.

Back on 1/22/2013 I believed Boeing would have its arms around the crises and would be back to flying in 60 days. I am not a corporate guy and don't know how fast auto pens, and rubber stamps operate in the modern era.

However, Boeing with the Airplane washed and tires shined, will show up in two weeks for its Spring prom date with the FAA. Tires screeching and a banner on the antenna. What is known, Boeing will pull up in about two weeks for its prom date. Will Boeing's date be ready, or stuck in some dressing room with final preparations?  It is customary for the guy to have to wait a few minutes, especially if the girl is somewhat reluctant in the first place? Yes to all those Questions. Just because the FAA doesn't use auto pen, or a rubber stamp anymore, add some waiting time, making the Boeing boy extremely impatient and stressed. However the flowers won't go stale. FAA wants fresh flowers and a good time in front of its other governing bodies, that are found around the world of Airplane proms.  Japan, and Europe need to be sufficiently envious of the FAA at this dance. Boeing will be on its best behavior with the nicest Airplane on the tarmac. Japan is planning to double up with Boeing after the dance at the fueling station for shakes and flying. Remember Boeing, have her back home flying before May AM!