Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Happy New Year Marketing Now Go Sell Some Airplanes

Power Point Script At Boeing's Marketing Meeting January 2nd 2013

This is my mock(ing) presentation for Boeing's sales team.

I put this up on Power Point, because I know how to do that, or I have someone who knows how to do that and does it.  I hope you have already started taking notes, if not grab some stale cookies and coffee at your team's round table food center piece.

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The top 10 talking points to take with you to sell more airplanes.

Remind, Remember and Refrain these points for future sales customers. The OCD sales  pitch are these 3 R's.

  • We said 19-20 % fuel savings in 2005, We have 21% in reality no matter the route.
  • We said this aircraft will make customers money, Our customers are now your competitors if that customer you have contacted hasn't ordered from you yet.
  • Remember Air India is not the same as last year. Air India, often is not considered a competitor. is now a competitor, they are making money on the Delhi to Frankfort run during its first 787 runs.
  • Customer's can't get enough of the 787, customer are what you gain when buying this aircraft. 97% customer satisfaction. Ask ANA.
  • More models are in the pipe line, where a long line to buy -10 has just started. Ask your customers get their in-line spots.
  • Tell your potential customers, that in order to see the changing world you have to look out the 787 window. Any other window, nothing has change.
  • Portholes no longer work on airplanes, sooo... 1990, but windows do!
  • Take a long breath on this point before proceeding,... exactly, you can take a long breath on this point in a 787.
  • Talk to your new friends on the 787 and about the 787. They will listen because they can finally hear you from across the isle on the 787.
  • Last point of this first session, we will talk about 30% savings on maintenance operations. This translates to... aircraft keeps flying more revenue flights, more often, with more cycles than competitors who fly non Boeing Aircraft. Any Questions?
With the subtle message of efficiency is the last thing any business cannot afford to lose. The best game on the planet is the Game Changer itself the 787.

In closing, I would say, ANA, Japan, Air India, Qatar, LAN, LOT, Ethiopian and United are in it to win it, because they ordered early. Say to your potential airline customers, "order now", because the World has turned on its axis since 2011. Not because of the Mayan calendar, but because the 787 is as advertised during these last few years. "A Certified Game Changer."

Heads Up Customer, Your own Companies Vision is through the 787's HUD.

Not through a rose pair of glasses from Airbus

Have a Happy New Year. Because the elves are making more aircraft each month than what is currently sold each month for the 787's, 777, and 747. I'm out until 2013 comes into final approach.