Monday, December 3, 2012

Boeing's No Rush, Rush Approach

Boeing is purported to say "we are not in a rush for the 787-10X and the 777X".

That being the Boeing statement of the week, I would like to indulge my thought on that plan or strategic topic for a moment!

1. The Boeing design team is working through lessons learned from the prior 787 debacle of ; overstated goals and delusional production hype has since been retired.

2. 787-10 is in the design bag and Boeing knows it can tweak configuration adjusting to market competition driven by Airbus' A-350.

3. A waiting game for Boeing has a two fold strategy:
  • Wait for Airbus, since Boeing currently holds the high ground on new technology.
  • Lay to rest all new aircraft development questions, enabling fast roll out of new products when the time comes. The time will be shortly before the first A-350 flies.

Launch announcement is the trump cards which Boeing holds, and will play it when several items have passed by and cannot be reversed. One thing yet to pass, is Airbus's first attempt on the plastic airplane. Once the A-350 flies, then Boeing needs to counter in short order with the 10-X and 777-X. Its more of a competition question of timing, than a launch question that are derived from sales from the new models. Airbus is trying to undercut Boeing with the A-350, while Boeing has the high ground during the successful launch of the 787-8 and -9.  Airbus has yet to clear the tower on its first flight.  Boeing learned so well that the devil is in the details when it comes to building an all new technology. Airbus is gleaning technology from Boeing's sub contractors with its now proven technology. I don't know what Boeing holds for proprietary rights in its technology arsenal, that doesn't come under the fog of war and corporate lawyers.

However, Airbus needs to up its technological anti, not just just hide same stuff under its wings in innovative design tweaks. Boeing is now calling Airbus's hand in the high stakes game of monopoly. Boeing now holds the 787-10-X and 777-X in its hand as X cards. They will play those cards once Airbus goes beyond the point of no return for the A-350.

Airbus plays the "whatever Boeing does, we will build it 6 inches bigger game", and call it X-tra wide plastic body with extra fasteners and extra panel joins to boot.  We will trick out this pony with some fancy stuff for your travel experience, giving the traveler the allusion, that bigger is really better. Travelers just want to fly in the biggest boat in the sky like on the A-380. Airbus is laying its design towards marketing appeal, while Boeing is trying to do both technological advancement with market appeal. Now Airbus is trying to catch up technologically, since its now working so well for Boeing. However,  "copying is the sincerest form of flattery" concept is not lost on Boeing, for it holds two cards to lay on the Airbus's party. That is why there is a delay in the launch announcement for the 787-10-X and the 777-X.